Road Map to Cutting College Costs with Custom List-March 2017

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A three-week course to educate parents on strategies to pay less for college using strategies to increase financial aid.

Every week we provide written lessons, videos, a webinar, handouts, and access to discussion boards. This course teaches parents how to become smarter, educated consumers of higher education by learning:

  • Why You Must Know Your EFC
  • How to tell the difference between a good net price calculator and a poor one
  • Ways to target schools for money
  • The role of college rankings
  • and why graduation rates matter.

What makes this course unique is it’s exclusive access to data to help families “follow the money” to research and find schools generous with financial aid. The course will explain where the data comes from, what it means, and how to use it. There is no other resource publicly available that allows parents to compare, sort and filter colleges using any of the 50 data fields provided.


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