4 Reasons to Search for Colleges on CollegeResults.org

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There are plenty of college search websites you can use, but even if you have a favorite, you owe it to yourself to try CollegeResults.org. This website is run by The Education Trust and makes it as easy as possible to search and compare colleges on indicators of cost and results. It’s also one of the few websites that displays the results in a table that users can easily sort on. When you visit, make sure you pay attention to the following four features.

Search for Similar Colleges

There are college search websites that will show you other colleges users have looked at based on the current college profile that you’re viewing. However, College Results Online has developed their own weighting system that identifies similar colleges that has nothing to do with popularity or rankings. This is a great way to expand your college search. Enter a college you like and you can view up to 50 similar colleges you may not have otherwise been aware of.

Search for Colleges by Graduation Rates

You can actually search by graduation rates, not to mention that you can actually enter a range for graduation rates. This is more important than most families realize because the most expensive school is the one you don’t graduate from. Too often, students take out expensive loans and don’t graduate or take more than four years to graduate.

Search for Colleges by Custom Sizes

You can enter your size range, any size range. If you only want colleges between 7,521 and 15,632, you can get that list. You can’t get it on any other college search website. And it can make a difference when you’re looking for a medium size college and get a list that includes schools ranging in size from 2,000 to 15,000.

Search for Colleges by Custom Test Scores

You can enter a range of median test scores for your search. With too many other websites, you just enter your test score and the results will include ALL schools where the scores are lower than yours while ignoring those that are just a little above yours. Most students are looking for schools within a range. However, keep in mind, these are median scores, not 75th% scores, so aren’t a good way to search for merit scholarships.

We know that some people will be worried that the information is “old.” The data is generally a year behind that used many other college search websites since it relies mainly on the Integrated Postsecondary Education Data System (IPEDS) from the government rather than the proprietary Common Data Set information.

However, the fact is that schools change little from year to year, especially relative to each other. This means that it is still an excellent tool for search and comparing colleges. Once you use CollegeResults.org, you’ll realize just how limiting other college search website are.

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