Explainer~What is a Student Aid Report?

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What does it mean?

The Student Aid Report (SAR) lists a student’s eligibility for federal student aid and summarizes the information submitted on the FAFSA application. Your eligibility is based on your Expected Family Contribution (EFC) which is calculated based on the information you submitted on the FAFSA. The SAR will also include your Data Release Number (DRN) which you’ll need to allow schools to add their code to your application.

Depending on how you submitted the FAFSA, you may receive an online or paper version up to three weeks after completing the FAFSA. If have a FSA ID, you can view your SAR information online as soon as the FAFSA has been processed.

How does it affect how much you pay for college?

The SAR contains your EFC which is the basis for the distribution of the vast majority of financial aid. The SAR report will indicate if you will be eligible for the Federal Pell Grant program. Colleges and states will use the EFC along with the information you submitted to award their own financial aid. This is why it’s critical to check the SAR for any mistakes and make sure it is up to date. Follow the directions to make any corrections.

Where can you learn more?

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